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símbolo de los peregrinos en camino a Santiago de Compostela


As visitors in Santiago de Compostela you ask us many times for our personal recommendations to the same services: Where to eat, dine, shop, get a haircut, go to the barbero.... We choose the closest places for convenience and give you 2 options in case one of them is not available.

Hairdresser, barber, laser and nails

We have 2 hairdressers nearby:

  1. Sensay Peluqueros – Rúa de Gómez Ulla, 20, 15702 – 981 93 94 40
  2. Beymar:

Where to get your nails done nearby:



for the moment, as we are all women, we recommend you what other men recommend… There will be surprises when the mask is removed.

  1. In the same galleries : Alfredo Blanco, Local 14 Galerías Viacambre,
    Telephone: 981 58 85 64
  2. Peluqueria Ultreia Rúa da Algalia de Arriba, 39, 15704
    Teléfono: 981 57 16 75

Where to wax:

We refer to laser or pulsed light hair removal because it is also what we recommend, whether you are a man or a woman. Sin dolor, definitivo y a buen precio.

  1. Kocoa:
  2. Grupostop:

Other masseuses if we are not available

Rosa- Massage at home – We have worked with her on many occasions and we recommend her! If you need a massage at home and better if you can book in advance. 667981629

Onsite Massages – – This masseur’s name is Miguel, I know he is very good because I worked with him in countless simultaneous massages in 5 star hotels. He is dedicated to massages in hotels or in lodgings. It’s worth it! Lots of experience and great person.


There are countless wonderful restaurants in Santiago, this is a list of the ones we frequent and recommend the most. Restaurants and bars to have lunch, dinner or a drink:

The second most visited monument in Santiago, it is worth walking around for a while in the morning and have a drink. Sundays and Mondays are the least advisable days as many stalls and shops are closed.

Nave nº5, Mercado de Abastos. Inside the Nave number 5 of the Mercado de Abastos we find different food stands, each one specialized in one thing: oysters, octopus, wine etc.. They have a common menu, you sit down and you can order from the different stalls, fresh and quality product, highly recommended, but do book in advance.

As in the Abastos 2.0, which is also located in the plaza de abastos, only Galician products.

Altamira, a restaurant and hotel, also located in the plaza de abastos, is very good but not so affordable. And if it is just for a drink, any of the bars surrounding the square.

Located very close to the Plaza de Abastos.

  • O Viño, very small and highly recommended wine bar, the owner is a great wine expert, let him advise you.
  • Pinpan, good terrace, not very abundant menu, but highly recommended to sit and have a vermouth.
  • Arco de Mazarelos, in their menu they have the tastiest scallops in Santiago, they serve them with a cauliflower cream, do not leave without trying this marvel.

Parallel street to the famous Rúa do Franco.

  • María Castaña, mythical restaurant in Santiago, very good value for money.
  • Gato Negro, another classic in Santiago, seafood specialists, not one of the cheapest but worth eating if you like seafood.

Wine street par excellence in Santiago, also known for the Paris-Dakar route, but our two favorite restaurants on this street, we know there are more, are:

  • O Papatorio: excellent for meat, seafood and fish. It is not very cheap but it is very good.
    quality, reservations must be made in advance.
  • 46: located at number 46, it is I think the only traditional tavern left on the street, known for its mussels.

We are still in the old town.

  • Don Gaiferos Restaurant. Anything on the menu is delicious, but the croca is our favorite. And the treatment is 10.

Very close to the cathedral and Rúa do Franco.

  • Madialeva, right in front of the police station and before going down to San Clemente square. Exquisite food, with a menu of delicious Asian dishes.
  • A Lareira, located in the San Clemente square, has a very Brazilian menu, delicious meats with surprising and tasty accompaniments.
  • La Moderna, next to the previous one, on Saturdays they usually have a DJ session for the vermouth, very nice and a curious menu as well.
  • O Dezaseis, mythical restaurant in Santiago, Galician food.
  • A Maceta, signature food, not cheap but if you can it is worth eating there, book in advance.

Next to the Mestre Mateo art school and very close to Porta do Camino.

  • Gamela, small restaurant with a terrace in the back, the staff is amazing, one of the waiters is a magician and sometimes does a trick, and the food is spectacular.

Vegetarian restaurants and world cuisine

  • A Corre Vexeta: Vegetarian located in Rúa Rodas.
  • Hervor y Fervor: Vegetarian in Praciña das Penas.
  • Valentina Taqueria: Mexican, the best tacos in Santiago, small place inside some galleries in Montero Rios Street, at the access to the Araguaney Hotel.
  • Pico de Gallo: Mexican, in Rúa San Roque. Highly recommended.
  • La Chida: Mexican, expensive but the place is very nice and the quality is very good.
  • Numaru: South Korea, there are two restaurants, one in Vista Alegre and the other in Avenida do Mestre Mateo, book in advance.
  • Tasty Poke: Hawaii, at Plaza de Vigo.
  • La Suculenta: the best hamburger in Santiago.

Pubs and nightclubs

For a drink first thing in the morning:

  • Arume
  • Transi
  • Camalea
  • Atlántico
  • Bartolo Punk Rock
  • La Flor
  • Medusa
  • Gramola
  • A Casa das Crechas
  • La Carrilana

For the second hour:

  • Modus Vivendi
  • La Borriquita
  • A reixa
  • Riquela

For the third and final hour:

  • Paraíso Perdido
  • Bloom
  • Black
  • Ruta
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