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The best way to book is to send a Whatapp with the days and times that suit you best.

You can include: Name, your availability and how flexible you are with that schedule, it is not the same someone who lives here and has time, as another who only has a few hours in Santiago, the duration of the massage and how many of you are.

Our massage center is located in the central Plaza de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela, 9 minutes from the Cathedral. As Santiago de Compostela is a small city it is close to everything.

On the map we are between the train station and the cathedral of Santiago, 7 minutes each way. Our massage center is right in front of the bus stop to the airport.

Las galerías Viacambre es un centro comercial con varias entradas. Hay 2 plantas y 3 entradas a las galerías. Enter the one we tell you: The best entry is the one shown in the picture at the bottom of this page.. Entrance right next to the market “La Galiciana” and if you see the blue sign “Galitour” you are at the right entrance. When you enter the Viacambre galleries turn left, our massage center is just down the hall.

Weekends: If the galleries are closed, call/email Whatapp in case we are in massage, as soon as we finish the previous massage we will open for you. Please be on time for your massage appointment.

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