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Massage services at hotels need to be booked in advance as it takes twice as long as in a clinic. They are only available in the center of Santiago de Compostela.

When you book the service, we need your full name, the name of the hotel, and room number. The masseur will arrive with all the necessary equipment, including a massage table, oils, music, and will maintain Covid hygiene measures in addition to the usual ones.

If you have a tight schedule, keep in mind that we need 10 minutes to set up the equipment and more time to take it down.

To help with relaxation and provide a good service, we suggest that only the person receiving the massage be in the room, with a maximum of 2 people.

Plan enough time to arrive punctually but without arriving stressed.

If you’re going to be late, early, or need to change the massage appointment, please let us know in advance. Remember that there are appointments before and after yours.

Taking a hot shower can be useful for arriving more relaxed and calm as it loosens the muscles.

If the massage appointment is after a meal, it is recommended that it be a light one.

Nothing is required to be brought to the massage appointment.

Please turn off your mobile phone before starting.

Our hours are quite flexible, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. by appointment. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get a spot that suits you.

Our massage center has 2 rooms with a capacity for 2 people each.

Availability for 4 people at the same time only for large groups.

For comfort, it is recommended to have 2 or 3 massages at the same time.

Simultaneous massages must be booked in advance.

It is recommended to book well in advance.

On our website, we have offers for groups of more than 6 people.

Depending on the duration of the massages, they can be done in the same room or we can go to the rooms of each group member.

The best way to book a massage is through our WhatsApp, sending us a message

with the days and times that suit you best. We always respond quickly. It is better not to call as we may be in the middle of a massage and may not be able to answer.

After booking, we will send you the confirmation and the best way to find us.

If you’re not familiar with Santiago, here are some clues:

We are located inside the Viacambre galleries, in the shopping center of Santiago, Plaza de Galicia. A 9-minute walk from the cathedral, where you can take the bus to the airport, the 6A.

If you enter Hórreo street from Plaza de Galicia and see the Cafetería Alabama on the corner, go down the hill to your left. The entrance to Viacambre galleries is just across from the tobacco shop.

The entrance to the Viacambre galleries is right next to the Galiciana market.

It’s not the masseurs who respond to that, but all those people who have left a review of us on Google.

f you want to know what they say about us and Belmu massages, here is the link or search for us on Google.

Yes, we have a waiting room.

If you arrive and there is light, we may be in massage so please don’t make too much noise, there are hot and cold drinks available, also books, magazines and games so you won’t get bored while you wait. We will attend to you when we finish the massage.

If you arrive and there is no light inside the clinic, your masseuse is on the way!! Masseuses usually arrive before the appointment to prepare everything before the massage, but if you arrive too early:

We are in the center of Santiago, a commercial area where you can entertain yourself while waiting for your massage or a café at the entrance.

It depends on the type of massage, the condition of the muscles, and the pressure applied.

A relaxing massage doesn’t hurt at all since little pressure is applied to superficial tissues, but if you need a deep tissue massage and therefore more pressure on those areas, you will feel discomfort but it will help you recover.

Many people think that the more pain you feel in a massage, the more effective it is, and no, it’s not like that. Every person is different, and from experience, even giving the same massage to the same person, the result is different.

The duration of the massage depends on the body’s needs and the areas that need to be treated.

30 minutes for a small area such as legs, cervical spine, feet.

45 minutes for broader areas such as back and legs, back only, or legs only in depth.

60 minutes for a full-body massage or 2 areas such as back and legs adding some stretching.

90 minutes is ideal as we have time to treat the whole body with stretching.

120 minutes for those who do not have time to go to the massage frequently and want to treat everything at once.

To receive a massage, the most complicated thing is to find that moment to approach the massage clinic, for one thing or another, we keep putting it off… so since you’re on the table, why not treat the whole body as it deserves?

Some people prefer to keep it, and others do not. If you are going to ask for the massage with stretches, it is better to have it, if you do not want to use yours, we have disposable ones.

Men with long, tight underwear, for comfort, it is better to ask us for the disposable ones.

At all times, there are towels covering the areas that will not be treated.

As masseuses, we recommend being silent so that the mind helps the body to relax.

The masseuse will always ask you how you are, if the pressure is correct, if you are comfortable… do not be silent and tell us if you don’t like something or it could be improved.

But besides that, as we always say, each person is different and if you want to talk, we can share stories and advice.

At Belmu massages, we are all professional women. Some men and women feel uncomfortable with a male masseur. Others prefer it to be a man to make the massage stronger and with more pressure.

A massage should not cause pain, but do not be afraid to talk about your preferences directly with the masseuse.

Most masseurs use hypoallergenic oils. The oil we use is of good quality sweet almonds.

It depends on your body. If you feel like you are carrying a heavy backpack and it is difficult for you to move due to tension, we recommend you come more often than just for a relaxing massage.

Acceptable times are between once a week in extreme cases, once a month, or one massage every two months.

At our massage clinic, we offer couples massages, which can be done in the same room or in adjacent separate rooms. Based on our experience as massage therapists, we always recommend separate rooms to personalize the massage and allow the other person to relax. Even if you come together, you have different needs, which can sometimes interfere with each other. Each body and person is different, and we like to adapt to them.

Why not both? The masseuse can start with a relaxing massage, and if she sees an area with tension that needs more force, she will apply the deep tissue massage in that area.

You choose the strength and pressure, and the masseuse will advise you if an area needs to be worked on with more depth so that not only you can relax, but also your muscles.

One of the masseuses performs massages on pregnant women up to 6 months.

But it is a different type of massage, as always, each person and need is different, and this is the case with this type of massage. A pregnancy massage is more of a relaxing massage without much pressure.

Pregnant women cannot lie face down on the massage table, so the masseuse will use a special chair to perform the massage on the back, especially the neck and shoulders, avoiding pressure on the lower back. Then she will lie down on her back on the table to receive the massage on the rest of the body.

The electric massage table is very comfortable, and you will have no problem going up or down.

According to foot reflexology, the organs of the body are represented in the foot, and depending on where we massage, we receive different benefits.

It is a massage with numerous benefits, such as relaxation, anxiety control, pain relief, improved circulation, and blood pressure.

A foot massage can be added to a massage for tired legs, a relaxing massage, or any massage as a final touch to leave the clinic “on the right foot.”

The legs are the foundation of our body, they carry the weight, and any problem in them can affect the rest, and therefore they must be pampered.

Not only if you work standing for 8 hours or have walked the Camino de Santiago. Even if you work comfortably in a chair all day, a good circulatory massage of the legs and feet is always beneficial to keep them healthy. You can add this massage to a back massage, even if it is of shorter duration.

In the massage for tired legs, we do draining to eliminate excess accumulated fluids and a circulatory massage. If there are tensions, we use more force, and it is in the legs where we apply more stretching. You will leave our clinic feeling like you are flying.

This type of massage, like almost all of them, can be added to other massages.

The slimming massage starts with a lymphatic drainage that helps to eliminate fluids accumulated in the outer tissues, and we add the anti-cellulite massage, which is more intense and helps to eliminate cellulite.

And as we say: It helps. After this massage, you need good hydration and exercise to help us make this massage more effective.

We have a specific pilgrim massage because almost everyone has the same needs when they arrive in Santiago. Although it varies depending on many factors such as physical condition, kilometers walked, how heavy the backpack was, training, injuries on the Camino de Santiago, and before the Camino, we all need the same thing: leg, foot, and back massage, and let’s not forget an important aspect: stretching at the end.

We always advise pilgrims to book a 90-minute massage to give us enough time to treat all these strained areas.

The best time for a pilgrim massage is the day after arriving in Santiago when you are rested and your muscles are more relaxed. Preferably in the morning, before lunch, or if it’s after lunch, something light.

If you can only get a massage on the same day you arrive, we recommend taking a hot shower beforehand to come to the massage appointment more relaxed. And keep in mind that if you plan to request the Compostela beforehand, the queue at the Pilgrim Center is very variable and may take longer than expected. If you plan to go get it, let the masseuse know when you make the appointment and leave some time between one thing and the other.

Have faith in yourself!! You will arrive as planned. In our experience giving massages to pilgrims, we find that almost everyone arrives on the planned day, sometimes even 1 or 2 days early.

In any case, it is best to book your massage appointment as soon as possible, and 2 days before your arrival, let us know if you have had any mishaps and need to change the appointment.

Knowing that you will receive your pilgrim massage upon arrival helps make those last efforts. The pilgrims who enter our clinic arrive with a smile from ear to ear saying: “We made it!!!”

Belmu Massages is the end of the road.

Don’t forget to book your massage in Santiago de Compostela

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